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Pass Plus, Refresher Lessons and Parental Coaching in Worcester, Droitwich and Malvern


Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers who have passed their practical test. Its aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver, rewarding you with discounts on motor insurance. There are 6 modules to complete the training but you will not have to take a test. I will be looking for you to demonstrate the required skill and knowledge in each module in order for you to receive your Pass Plus certificate.

Refresher Lessons are ideal for people who want to improve their driving skills to drive safely and with confidence. They are suitable for people:

  • who have passed their driving test but have not driven regularly since;
  • who need to drive on a more regular basis than they are used to; or
  • who will supervise another person whilst they’re learning with an instructor and want to update their own knowledge and skills.

The number of lessons that you need will depend on your current skills and the need to give you sufficient confidence to drive safely.

Parental Coaching is for any person who plans to take a learner driver out in between lessons. I will be available to offer free informal advice on what is required and answer any questions you may have.


What do we offer for learner drivers in Worcester, Droitwich and Malvern?



  • First 2 Hour lesson for the price of 1 for new pupils
  • Refresher lessons.
  • Discounts available – please call us for information
  • Free advice and parental coaching
  • Structured learning programme
  • 1 to 1 lessons
  • New vehicles every six months


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