Saved my job

July 2015

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Brad passed his test first time today. Brad was told by his boss that having a full driving licence was necessary to him keeping his job. He says,”Cheers Tony, I wouldn’t have passed without you, you might even say you saved my job, thanks again, hope to see you around”


So Happy!

June 2015

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Amelia passed her test on 1st attempt. She said,”Can’t wait to drive my KA, so happy to have chosen you as my driving instructor”.


Would recommend you to anyone

June 2015

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Dan passes his driving test first time. This is what he said,”Thanks tony for the great help and advice that you have given me, would recommend you to anyone!


Fourth Pass in 9 days

May 2015

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Louis is the fourth person to pass their driving test in 9 days, a great couple of weeks for assuredlearning driving school. Why not give us a go? You too could be the proud recipient of a full driving licence.


Tony is an excellent instructor

May 2015

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Olivia passes on her first attempt, this is what she had to say,”I really appreciate all the help and support you have giving me, Tony is an excellent instructor”


Virina Passes on First Attempt

May 2015

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Virina passes her driving test on her first attempt, this what Virina had to say,”After Tony had managed to get my sister to pass 1st time I knew that I wanted to emulate that same success and thanks to Tony, I did. If you want to learn to drive try Tony”.


Today Irfan Passed his test

May 2015

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Irfan was delighted to pass his test. Irfan said ” Thanks Tony for all your patience and hard work, we got there in the end. I would definately recommend Tony”.


Micki Stayte Passes Test

March 2015

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Micki passed her test on her first attempt, this is what she had to say, “Thank you tony! You helped me a lot and kept me trying I wouldn’t of done it without you, will definitely recommend you!” Micki’s Mum said, “Thank you for all your great tips Tony, you built micki’s confidence in herself with your positive advice she has enjoyed learning with you.”


Ed Pountney Passes Test

March 2015

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Ed passes his test on his first attempt.


Alex Blackmore Passes Driving Test

February 2015

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Alex passed his test this morning on his 1st attempt, this is what he had to say “Tony is a fantastic instructor, he is calm and his safety first approach gives you the platform needed to drive both safely and efficiently. I would certainly recommend him to anybody wanting to drive.”


Pippa Sampson Passes

January 2015

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Pippa Passed her test on her first attempt, this is what she had to say, “A massive thank you to you tony, I still can’t quite believe it! Would not of been able to achieve what I have without you by my side encouraging me every step of the way. A fabulous instructor with a whole heap of patience! Would recommend him to anyone thinking of taking lessons.”


Yasmin Bent Passes

September 2014

Yasmin Bent

Yasmin passed her test today. She said, “Tony is a great instructor, I was really finding it difficult to get to grips with some aspects of driving, he was calm and patient and really helped me understand what was required. I have already recommended Tony to my brother”.


David Piccaro Passes!

September 2014

David Piccaro

David’s goal was to pass his test before he went to Uni, I’m glad to say he passed on his first attempt. David was really happy to have passed and said “Tony is top bloke, he really helped me through and kept me calm. I would definitely recommend him.”


Josh Wong Passes!

September 2014

Josh Wong

Congratulations to Josh who passed his practical driving test this afternoon on his first attempt. He said “It was an absolute privilege to learn how to drive with Tony. He really drills in how to drive safely and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to start.”


Toby Cattell Passes!

August 2014

Toby Cattell

Congratulations to Toby who passed his practical driving test on his first attempt earlier today. Toby was really pleased to have passed and said “Highly recommend assured learning, Tony has a calm and informative approach to teaching and is always up for a bit of banter.”