Learner Drivers Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich and Surrounding Areas


During driving lessons with Assured Learning, learner drivers will be taught about:

  • Safety checks – Checking driving blind spots and mirrors
  • Mirror adjustment – Adjusting mirrors for ultimate vision and when to use them.
  • Moving off and stopping– Moving off and stopping safely and the use of clutch control.
  • Safe positioning / lane discipline – Positioning of the car and reading the road.
  • Use of signals – When to use car indicators to let other drivers/pedestrians know your intentions.
  • Dealing with junctions and roundabouts – How to approach and move out of junctions & how to deal with roundabouts safely.
  • Anticipation and planning – Anticipating what other drivers/pedestrians are going to do and dealing with the situation.
  • Dealing with pedestrian crossings – How to stop safely for pedestrian crossings and how to recognise when pedestrian crossings are coming up.
  • Cyclists and cycle lanes – Learning when to look for cyclists and what cycle lanes look like.
  • Independent driving – Driving with minimal instruction after gaining more confidence with your driving.
  • Dual carriageways – How to read Dual carriageways and how to safely overtake another car.
  • Following distances – Learning the distance you need to be from the car in front.
  • Use of speed / speed awareness – Learning about speed limits and road signs.
  • Manoeuvres – reversing in a straight line, turn in the road, reverse round a corner, parallel parking and bay parking
  • Emergency stop –  How to stop safely for a hazard without skidding.
  • Eco driving – How to improve fuel efficiency when driving and how to get the best use out of your car.


Assured Learning - Learner Drivers Worcester