Driving Lessons Worcester

We are interested in providing driving lessons worcester to all levels of students who would like to learn how to drive a car and are keen on passing their test in Worcester and the surrounding towns, like Pershore, Malvern, Droitwich and beyond.

The Worcester test centre is near to Tesco Express just off the M5 Junction 6 for North Worcester.

There are a number of examiners that are based at the test centre who are all well known – If you are a young man taking your driving test for the first time you can almost guarantee that the female examiner will only pass you if you are an extremely conscientious driver and really show your cool behind the wheel in the car when you are driving.

Your lessons should prepare you for this experience so that you are happy that your driving lessons are contributing to you being a brilliant driver when you are taking yourself around Worcester City.

Tony Mullen has been a driving instructor that was qualified to AA Instructor standards and since the AA has moved away from driving lessons and the franchise model for driving instructors, he took the initiative to operate independently and found his own driving school in Worcester.

It has since come to be that he is seen as one of the best for the entire Worcestershire County.

Driving Lessons Worcester

You will typically notice that driving lessons in Worcester normally have their routes in and around the Warndon area which is where the test centre is based and these do extend to the Bath Road state as this is along the A38 Bypass, bt close enough to cover most regions. 

Worcester Driving

Tunnel Hill Worcester – A typical road for driving lessons, which challenges you on clutch control, patience and uphill driving.

In your driving lessons you will gain complete repeated experience of how to perform a ‘Turn in the Road’ a ‘Reverse around a corner’ and a ‘Parallel Parking’ manoeuvre.

Somewhere between 2017 and 2018 it is anticipated that one of these manoeuvres will be dropped from the test completely and replaced with some use of Sat Nav technology.

It is often the case that during your driving lessons, at least the first time, you will not be asked to practice an emergency stop, this is often first taught to you shortly before or on the day of your driving test.

The reason for this is that typically this evasive driving action to counter an accident should not form part of your everyday driving and so would not be part of your driving lessons.

To arrange your driving lessons call Tony in Worcester on 07521 746660