Learn to Drive in Worcester and surrounding areas


Assured Learning is a Driving School in Worcester. My name is Tony Mullen. I am a successful, highly recommended driving instructor with good local knowledge and high pass rates. I am a fully qualified DSA approved instructor.

My quality lessons are affordable, safe, informative and enjoyable. I have been trusted to successfully bring students to a pass level and above who live and work in Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich and surrounding areas.

Contact Assured Learning Driving School Worcester on 07521 746660. Book today and get your first two hours for the price of one.

“Brad passed his test first time. Brad was told by his boss, having a full driving licence was necessary to him keeping his job. Brad says,”Cheers Tony, I wouldn’t have passed without you! You might even say you saved my job, thanks again, hope to see you around!”

Eco Safe Driving with Assured Learning Driving School


At Assured Learning, we make sure our pupils are taught how to drive safely as well as economically. With the correct driving techniques and good car maintenance you can save up to 20% on fuel costs. Even if Assured Learning Driving School, can show you how to save just 10%, over the course of a year, that’s quite a saving. Lessons can pay for themselves! Link to our Facebook Page for more news and information!


Retain more of what you learn on each lesson. HOW? By having more than one lesson a week, the information and skills learned will be fresher. A lot of time is spent recapping previous lessons, by having multiple lessons a week, the learning process will be quicker and in the long term CHEAPER!


Have you had a number of lessons and don’t feel you are making the kind of progress you want, would you like a different perspective? Then give Assured Learning a try! You wont need to start from scratch – simply tell us what you feel safe doing, then show us. That puts you on the road to becoming a safe driver.


Has your driving test been unsuccessful, or feel that it could be? Let us turn this situation around. With a fresh outlook on your driving, maybe we can work together to make a plan of action, so we can get you back on track and feeling confident!